Antminer Z9 Mini & Z9 Horizen (Zencash) Setup Guide

Horizen (ZenCash) is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and a leading-edge technology platform. They are connected to many crypto-payment providers and are constantly adding more, encouraging mass adoption of their platform. The sidechains will enable anyone to build privacy-based applications, allowing anyone to bring thousands of real-life services to the world.

I was intrigued by ZEN and the new option so use an ASIC miner to earn ZEN. After testing all the pools I decided to move forward on is a ZEN mining pool with dedicated servers,

low 0.5% pool fee, auto payout 0.1 ZEN and excellent support.

Setup Guide

To get started, navigate to your dashboard by finding your miners’ IP address using your router or scanner. Your page will look something like this: ( default u/p is root/root ) “make sure to change your password after you log in.

Z9 Mini Miner Configuration

Z9 Mini Miner Configuration

You should see the option to mine with a number of different pools. Here are the Identified pools on for the 3 main regions:

Pick one of the above Stratum nodes (ensure it is port 3059), and type in the pool setting as follows:

URL: (set to your nearest location)

Worker: YourZencashAddress.username (username can be anything, but avoid using symbols or special characters as it may be an invalid username)

Password: x ( as in the letter “x” )

For the other nodes (Pool 2 and Pool 3), feel free to use any of the other region nodes, such as or

How to OverClock your miner?

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Miner Configuration > Advanced Settings

  2. Select your desire frequency from the dropdown list

  3. Click Save and Apply

  4. Monitor Board Temperature and Chip Temperature

OverClocking can result in damage of your miner, do it at your own risk. Always monitor the temperature of your miner so it doesn’t overheat.

It’ll take about 5 minutes for your worker to appear on our stats page. To find your user, simply go to and type in your wallet address at the top of the search-bar. You should see something like this: Dashboard view Dashboard view

Enjoy your brand new Z9 Mini Miner :) or the new Z9