Arben Kane

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Arben Kane Kryeziu - 2016

Arben Kane Kryeziu - 2016

Arben KANE Kryeziu

A serial founder and experienced entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in technology,

Arben started four companies still operating today. He is currently Chairman and CEO of the award-winning Kontur, a Geo Location/Analytics focused Software engineering company that designed & developed the current global DisasterAWARE platform.

He also founded Ozolio, a live HD webcam streaming service that increases consumer engagement with brands; FlikMedia, which develops and designs video applications for mobile platforms; iRAPP, which was the first Citrix for Mac Terminal Services solution with top Fortune 100 enterprise clients.

Arben has also served as the CTO or Senior VP of Engineering for several companies, including the App first location-mapping company EchoEcho, crowdsourced disaster management app UBAlert, Paradise Television and Enco Logistics. He is an experienced venture investor, as an angel, as an Operating Partner at Pegasus Capital, and as Founder and General Partner of mbloom Ventures.

He also serves as a Director on the Board of the New York Law Enforcement Foundation.

Arben received a B.S. in Logistics from Berufsakademie Stuttgart and a B.S. in Computer Science from Fachhochschule Darmstadt. He holds four US patents in interactive video viewing and media data processing.

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