Kryeziu Ventures

Innovation starts with an inner hunger for change


Kryeziu Ventures

Kryeziu Ventures focuses on early-stage tech investments, focused primarily in consumer technology. Kryeziu Ventures has been founded in 2002 by Arben Kryeziu and ever since has been laying out the foundation for entrepreneurs who challenge the global market with solutions for media distribution, travel & hospitality, entertainment, security and much more. 

Arben Kryeziu

Arben is a successful entrepreneur always on the path of identifying new goals for different ventures. His advanced technical foundation underpins all of his entrepreneurial efforts, and his business skills made a resolute mark in the industries of: disaster management & visualization, data analysis, solution strategies, media distribution and travel & hospitality in various countries around the world. 


From Founder, Investor & Advisor to Executive Officer and Operating Partner.